You Don’t Always Have To Be Thinking Big Thoughts!

I dropped Beth’s car off at the repair shop early this morning and decided to walk home along a bike path. As I started to walk, I took out my phone and began listening to some of my song ideas for my upcoming project, “The Path” and the irony of listening to songs for “The Path” while walking on the path made me laugh.

As I walked under the highway, the path wound its way down a hill into the woods and very soon, I found myself walking along side a creek. I shut off my phone and began to take in my surroundings… the water bubbling over rocks and birds chirping and singing all around me as the sun peeks its way through the branches overhead. I notice that the leaves are just starting to come in. I see a snake on the path and am curious about what kind it is… oh, it’s a garter snake… or is it gartner snake? or gardener snake? It’s a garter snake… but my mind wrestles with that for a bit as I continue to walk along.
I wonder if there are trout in this part of the stream and decide I’ll have to ask my neighbor, who is an avid trout fisherman and he would know.
I’ll have to bring Beth back here on her next day off so we can share this beauty together.
I suddenly feel guilty that I’m not using the time on my walk to think up some new marketing ideas for my business and almost as soon as I have the thought, a voice in my head says “you don’t always have to be thinking big thoughts!” OK…. message received :>)
Enjoy the day and let your mind wander and wonder…. it’s OK!!!! Remember, you don’t always have to be thinking big thoughts!