Up North - Full CD


Up North - Full CD

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This CD is my musical tribute to those warm feelings we all have while being up north. Whether sipping coffee on the dock, watching loons on the lake, or building castles in the sand, we all have special memories we hold dear. It is my hope that you hear the sound of the loons, sense the smell of the campfire, and even feel the sand between your toes as you listen to these songs. May this music take you to wherever your Up North may be. These songs are a blend of solo piano, flute and soft orchestration.

This CD continues to be the "fan favorite" since it's release in 2004!

1. Up North

2. Peaceful Hideaway

3. Misty Morning

4. Coffee on the Dock

5. Loons on the Lake

6. Sunrise

7. At The Beach

8. Sand Castles

9. Eagles Overhead

10. Around the Bend

11. Whispering Pines

12. Northern Lights

13. Endless Skies

14. Same Time Next Year

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