Hopes and Wishes-2011


Hopes and Wishes-2011


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We all have Hopes and Wishes for ourselves and our loved ones. We look both forward and into the past to Better Days when we are going through a dark time in our lives. When we fall short of a goal or seem to be stuck, we pray for Another Chance. As we get older, we realize that things don’t always happen when we want them to, but In God’s Time, all things come to pass eventually. We also learn that in order to move forward in life it is necessary to Leave The Past Behind. Try to remember that You Never Know What Life Will Bring but it goes a whole lot better if you Have A Little Faith… enjoy! These songs are all solo piano.

Songs Titles:

1. Hopes
2. Wishes
3. Better Days
4. Another Chance
5. In God’s Time
6. Leave The Past Behind
7. Heaven Knows
8. Count Your Blessings
9. A Fork In The Road
10. Lead Me Home
11. You Never Know What Life Will Bring
12. Have A Little Faith


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