The Water's Edge - 2005


The Water's Edge - 2005


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This music presents the many moods of water: a stream, a river, a lake or the ocean. Most of my songs are inspired by my own experiences while others begin with photographs or paintings as I musically interpret my impression of these special images. I hope these songs remind you of your own special memories along The Water’s Edge. These songs are mostly solo piano with accompanying violin.

Songs Titles:

1. Skipping Stones
2. Ocean Bound
3. The Water’s Edge
4. Driftwood
5. Reflections
6. Footprints in the Sand
7.  The Far Shore
8. Dancing on Water
9. Highland Stream
10.  Where the River Meets the Sea
11.Tranquil Waters
12. Moon on the Water
13. Sounds of the Sea


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